Bellagio Transportation Service Launches Three New San Francisco Tours

Bellagio Transportation Service Launches Three New San Francisco Tours

Bellagio transportation service, a leading limousine service and wine tour manager in San Francisco Bay area has announced three new luxury wine tours around the legendary San Francisco bay area. The three premium tours are Napa tour, Sonoma tour and Livermore wine tour.

The new tours are aimed to serve tourist groups with 10 group members for the duration of 11 hours.  Bellagio spokesperson said that, “Customers upgrade these three tours to custom built limousine tours. Bellagio allows customers to plan the itinerary of special places they would like to see, if needed they will be provided expert planner to plan the tour. Customers will be charged based on itinerary of special places, time of travel and number of passengers”.

Napa tour

This Napa tour is wine tasting limousine tour of the legendary Napa valley, the crown jewel of California State. Napa valley is renowned for its lush green vineyards and award winning wines. The Napa tour includes wine tasting visits to legendary wineries like Domaine Chandon, Robert Mondovi, Beringer Vineyards and Inglenook Winery. Customers can choose to dine at Mustard Grill, Rutherford Grill or Celedon located in downtown Napa.

Sonoma tour

Sonoma Wine Country is conveniently located less than 30 miles north of San Francisco Bay area. It is the second most famous wine tasting tour after Napa tour. Sonoma County boasts well over 250 of the world's most award-winning wineries, it is larger than Napa valley and sports may golf courses and scenic costal beauty.

Livermore wine tour

Located in the San Francisco Bay appellation, 30 miles east of San Francisco, Livermore valley is home to 38 wineries. Livermore wine tour has been planned keeping in mind some of the famous attractions like Del Valle Regional Park, Cornerstone Fellowship, Altamont Pass and Brushy Peak Regional Preserve. Some of the famous wineries are Big White House Winery, 3 Steve’s winery and Bent Creek winery.

Even though the standard package for each of the three tours is designed for 10 passengers and 11 hours, it can be upgraded to customized wine tasting tour. Customers can choose the attractions they would like to visit, pick up restaurants and wineries and Bellagio will be more than happy to drive them. For further information please visit or call on toll free no (866)225-0691.

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